UNIQLO (Japanese kana pronunciation: ユ ニ ク ロ), Japanese clothing brand, by the Japanese fast sales company established in 1963, when it is a small suit selling suits, has become an internationally renowned clothing brand.

Uniqlo the inherent meaning is to abandon the unnecessary decoration of the storage store, the use of supermarket-style self-service shopping, at a reasonable price to provide customers with the desired goods. Uniqlo brand to create Fast retailing Co., Ltd., formerly known as the March 1949 opening of the Yamaguchi County's individual enterprises, in May 1963 changed to a limited company, formerly known as the small county Commercial Co., Ltd., in 1991 to fast sales The

Cheap UNIQLO "Unique Clothing Warehouse abbreviation, that consumers provide" low-cost, quality assurance "business philosophy, in Japan during the economic downturn has made amazing achievements.

The company name is FAST RETAILING, which contains a lot of special meaning. FAST + RETAILING reflects how to quickly commercialize the customer's requirements, how to quickly deliver the essential spirit of the business, and the retail business that they expect to be a universal concept of fast food culture. Shaken faith. This idea refers to the uniform service through the world, at a reasonable and reliable price, a large number of continuous delivery at any time, any place where anyone can wear clothing. So they have a unique product planning, development and sales system, in order to achieve low-cost operation of the shop.

Uniqlo (UNIQLO) Forex Trading Co., Ltd. March 05, 2014 officially Hong Kong ADR (HDR) in the form of landing Hong Kong stock market, in Hong Kong to introduce the form of the second board for the listing.

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